“I am sending a Sentinel telling about the big fire(?) Ansonia News. you will be surprised - CCS “Beef Trust”“
“A MASON Giving The Password!” - Ansonia, CT
Postmarked 1911

This postcard is kind of intriguing. Its front references the Freemasons, a secret fraternity thats full of ritual and symbols. Also, the note looks to have the phrase “Beef Trust” at the end, which I only know from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, as a group of meat producers that monopolized the industry. I believe the Sentinel mentioned is the Evening Sentinel, Ansonia’s now defunct newspaper. I’m not too sure what the one word in this note is, but it looks like “fire” with the dot in the wrong place. I searched “Ansonia CT fire 1911” and found nothing. 
What do you think any of this means?

Mysterious mystery!