Trying to gain perspective/start a discussion


How do you feel about the word “retard” or “retarded”? Do you find it offensive? Why/Why not? Do you use the word?

This is a really good question also, because it pertains to the way we’ve taken power out of words and use them for our own purpose. 

Words like “retarded” “cunt” or “gay” and the ilk are used as demeaning words. But nowadays their use is so common, that people hardly realize what they’re saying. Most people probably don’t even think about what it means before saying it.

Like I said in the reply, I used to say “retarded” in high school a lot, but when I met someone who had a challenged sibling, I thought about what that word meant and I tried to stop using it. Honestly, I stopped using it not because I found it offensive, but because others would. To me the word had lost it’s meaning in the overuse of it.

the Week

- Ipod touch
My old nano broke, so I shelled out the extra cash for a touch. I love it, though I really haven’t used it much yet. I’m almost afraid to, it’s feels so fragile that i’m worried I’ll crush it in my hands or drop it. I keep it tucked in my purse, away from anything that may nick or scratch it.

- “Words with Friends”
I immediately got the ‘Words with Friends app after setting up my touch. I’m not the most skilled wordsmith out there, but I hope to get better. If you play WWF, HIT ME UP! MorgSo99

- Spotify
Spotify is now launching in the US, and like I mentioned, I got an invite. It’s a desktop client that allows you to share your music and playlists through various sm outlets and well as the client. You can also search and listen to pretty much every piece of music ever. Sinch getting it, I haven’t opened my iTunes. My only wish is a Pandora-esqe radio feature. Maybe now since the expansion. I also feel like it has potential to expand itself as it’s own music based social media outlet.
Please get this, it will change your life.

- Jobs
I went on that interview yesterday, and it felt good albeit really quick and hurried. I got the feeling that they want to hire me (“we’re getting really busy”), but they want to negotiate a day rate. Tomorrow I’ll get in touch with them as well as check in with my recruiter. - I just realized how professional that sounds even though it’s kinda not at all.
My current job finds my severely overworked and underpaid. I’m working on a design project that is getting more complicated than I expected. Yesterday I was just notified of 2 other design projects they want done. I think the prospect of having their own designer at disposal and not relying on Staples is getting to them.
I am not being paid as a designer but the same hourly rate as other people on my level which was fine when it was stuff that was simple photoshop work, but with ongoing projects? Not so much.  At this point I am very overwhelmed and I’m going to have to bring this up.