Brooklyn Bridge - Brooklyn, NY
C. early 1920’s, unused 

NOTE: This week’s timely postcards come from the same set, a view of New York City from the early 1920s.
Don’t forget that NY can use your help. If you can, donate to the Red Cross or give blood at a center near you.


“Sighs & tears, soon all the grandness will be over & then what will I do, have you any idea? I haven’t. Love from Alma”
St Louis World’s Fair - St Louis, MO
Postmarked 1904

I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge last month. It was crowded so I didn’t get many good shots.

We had lunch in the park and inadvertently sat in on a wedding. Just between us, I think a public park is a bad place for a wedding. The guests had to sit on the dirty concrete and there are people in spandex running around. Memorable! There were a 3 more wedding parties taking their wedding photos over on the pier. It was that kind of day. 

Then we took the East River Ferry back to Williamsburg. 

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